How to Keep Your Clothes Clean in Romania

30 august 2007

Whether fresh off the plane or fresh from your laundering, you are walking the streets of Romania with some clean clothes.

However to keep them clean? It’s something you probably never gave much thought to, but here in Romania it is an absolute must. Dirty clothes will make everyone think you are a cercetor, a homeless bum. Don’t let it happen to you!

Never ever lean against anything. This means don’t lean against a building, a wall, a fence, a pillar, a storefront, nothing. Everything in Romania is extremely dusty and dirty and covered with a unique powder that will stain your clothes.

Bring along a newspaper if you ever sit down on anything outside like a bench of stadium seat . Failing that, bring along a Kleenex or tissue and thoroughly wipe off the seat before you sit down. Do it!!

When walking in the streets, be careful never to brush up against anything, no matter how slight.

When on a train or other mode of transport, wipe off the bench or seat first as well.

Never ever stand on the edge of the curb, especially after it’s been raining. Stand well back from the curb edge while waiting for a green crossing light.

When walking on the street, beware of puddles that a passing car, TROLLEY bus or other vehicle will splash through and soak you.

If the cuffs of your pants leg come within 2 inches of the ground, fold them up until they don’t. Don’t worry about the fashion sense of it, just do it!

Carry anything that’s in a bag well away from your body.

When walking through congested areas of pedestrian traffic, be extremely alert for those who are around you, especially those carrying lit cigarettes or anything in their hands. Be also wary of actually touching anyone else’s body.

Never ever sit down on any “unofficial” place, i.e. not a bench or seat designed specifically for sitting upon. This means no ledges of buildings, walls, train stations or anything else. If you absolutely must rest your feet then squat or “hunker down” with your butt above but not touching the ground.

As soon as you are home, change to your “inside” clothes. Be prepared to switch clothing 2-5 times per day.

Follow the above instructions and you may get to keep your clothes stain-free for as long as 3 months ;)


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