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Index Updated

miercuri, martie 24th, 2004

Ok, just a quick note here. I got the INDEX updated. It’s located on the lower half of the right hand column of your screen. I’m trying to keep all the blogging I do roughly categorized by topic. Obviously some things slip through and that’s why I put ‘em under Odds and Ends. Anyway, if [...]

State Funeral in Madrid

miercuri, martie 24th, 2004

Whether you read my Diary yesterday or have been keeping up with the news, today Spain held a large state funeral for the victims and families of the 11-M train attacks in Madrid. I have translated a few articles about it and if you’re interested in reading them, look below. The funeral’s timeline (in Spanish) [...]


miercuri, martie 24th, 2004

I apologize for the slow posting here today. As always (on a weekday anyway) it means that work has been swamping me. We had two Aggravated Assaults to clear out as well as get a bunch of monthly forms in. Anyway…. also had a long night with my friend Sam coming over to talk about [...]


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