Tossed Salad

15 martie 2004

I decided to combine a bunch of smaller stories altogether. We’ll call it “Tossed Salad” since it’s too small to be a World Update. Or maybe I should call it something else? Hmmm….

Some people tell me I focus too much on the negative aspects of American foreign policy. That’s fine. Today I’ll focus on what it’s like to be a victim of the terror witch hunt in Great Britain:

A man named Paddy Hill was arrested in 1974 for allegedly setting off a bomb in a Birmingham pub for the IRA . He spent 16 years in jail and was released when the courts ruled he was an innocent man. The British government then sued him for 50,000 pounds for “room and board “.

A man named Robert Brown was arrested in 1977 for allegedly murdering a woman in Manchester. 25 years later the courts freed him and ruled he was an innocent man. Now the British government is suing him for 80,000 pounds for room and board.

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