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Terrorist attack in Spain

joi, martie 11th, 2004

Violence is never the answer. Choose peace -Soj

Lia Roberts

joi, martie 11th, 2004

What follows is my (rather poor) translation of some February 17, 2004 articles about the candidacy of one Ms. Lia Roberts. Ms. Roberts is an American citizen of Romanian origin who had just officially announced her candidacy for President (of Romania). I thought I’d repost it here on my blog because I’d neglected to do [...]

Terrorism, the US, death: just another normal day

joi, martie 11th, 2004

Best analysis of the situation in Haiti ever is here. Would love to quote the whole thing but it is too long. However, will cite the last paragraph: But the modus operandi of [US Asst. Sec of State Roger] Noriega and company is unmistakeable: fund an opposition, report every clash as repression against the population [...]


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